Meet Merlin - the mechanical horse

Merlin the Mechanical Horse is a firm favourite here at Shardeloes Farm

He may not be a real horse but he protects the safety of each new rider and the welfare of our other horses.

Merlin does this by providing a safe, consistent environment where anyone of any age can experience what it feels like to ride without fear and grow in confidence and fitness or ability.

The racing and polo fraternity were quick to recognise the benefits of the mechanical horse and have been using the standard model for some time, enabling riders to develop and master their art with reduced risk to the horse in novice training.

The latest version with technical advances provides for an enhanced experience and even better realism. Use of the latest graphic simulation together with real horse feel whilst upon the mechanical horse give the rider a realistic experience of travelling around the riding school with mimicked movement, including lateral feel, and response to the correct aids.

Whatever your level we can offer you an exemplary experience in a safe environment with top quality instruction.

What Merlin has to offer

  • Fully animated riding school
  • Fitness & core strength development
  • Articulated neck for realistic movement and lateral work
  • Horse sensitive to leg aids, both on and behind the girth
  • Simulate dressage competitions and dressage to music
  • Save or download sessions to CD for use at home

Book Merlin

We can also offer Merlin for unaccompanied fitness sessions or riding clubs during our normal riding school hours for a charge of £30 per hour. Advance booking and training may be required.