Brand New Equine Hydrotherapy Spa

Hydrotherapy Spa

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The Equine Hydrotherapy Spa combines the use of salt water and temperature treatments in a new, highly effective way that has been proven under laboratory conditions and time and time again in experience.

The Equine Therapeutic Spa represents the most highly developed, effective and easily managed harnessing of proven, medication free therapy.

How does the spa work ?

The Equine Spa achieves fast, long term healing through a combination of cold water at between 2 and 4 degrees celsius, aeration (providing a massage element), salt (always known to have a healing effect and act as a poultice, drawing out fluid) and a variable depth option for accurate treatment. Clinical trials have shown that all of these together provide an unusually high level of oxygen in the water which is thought to aid healing still further.

What injuries does it treat ?

The hydrotherapy Spa is of benefit in all the most frequent lower leg injuries to the horse. It has particularly excelled in the treatment of :-

  • Tendon & Ligament injuries
  • Bone damage - shin soreness
  • Fractures & splints
  • Joint conditions
  • Jarr-up, concussion
  • Healing of wounds
  • Lower limb lacerations & infections
  • Post operative complications
  • Increasing hoof growth

Using the Spa regularly also prevents jarr-up, sore shins, windgalls and inflamed joints.