Buying your own horse or pony

Wanting to buy a horse or pony but not sure the best way forward!?

Here at Shardeloes we are committed to offering the very best in horse-care. We are passionately committed to ensuring our horses & ponies enjoy a fantastic quality of life. We have special policy in place whereby we aim to move our horses onwards and upwards at least every two years (where we see a need) in order that they avoid becoming stale and always have the security of a loving owner and home for life.

The horses & ponies that we offer for sale have been through the riding school and will have been owned by us for a minimum of 3 months and so have a proven track record for ability and safety, there are numerous opportunities to see them in action or to have lessons on them and get to know them before committing to purchase.

We can also support you in finding a horse or pony off site, arranging vet exams and transportation.



Sales livery

Would you like us to take the hassle out of selling your horses? We offer a bespoke livery sales package.

We will school and develop your horse or pony, create an advert and deal with all enquiries.

We invite you to come and meet with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

For more information

So if you are looking for a new pony or horse or wanting to sell, please do call Jodie or Becca for more information on 01494 433333 or email